The Radical Boss Like a Girl Program

Don’t try to be a man – be your authentic self and KILL IT as a Boss!

As women, especially in the professional sector, like IT, we not only have our professional expertise, but we also have our innate Woman-ness that make us great leaders, team builders and business partners.

This is a 6 month Women’s Leadership Coaching Program with a serious TWIST!   You will identify and embrace the successful leadership skills and secrets that are inherent in women, learn to tap into yours, and embrace your own unique leadership style, as you apply them at your job.  Through this program you will polish up your authentic self and put her on the path to success. This program is designed for professionals who have been working 5 years or more and who are frustrated all the career gurus that teach them to lead like a man, and instead use the gifts already inside her to blaze up the leadership ladder.

My Boss Like A Girl program is a women’s leadership coaching program. Over the course of 6 months, you will:

  • Discover your strengths and goals for your career
  • Gain crystal clarity on what you are saying/showing/conveying and demonstrating to others about how you lead and what you can do
  • Redesign your messages, in all areas, are consistent, authentic, powerful and professional
  • Transform your opportunities by not pretending to be a man
  • Embody the leader you want to be
  • Reimagine your persona – how others see you and what they can expect from you.

After all, aren’t really great leaders authentic, trustworthy, honest, confident, competent, and professional? All of those things women (in general) possess in spades! This is right in your wheel house.

In addition to shifting your energy, perspective, internal and external messaging, I will teach you leadership skills – tried and true skills companies want in their leaders, from emotional intelligence to conflict resolution, from developing others, to developing yourself. You will learn how to step up and be visible, become an influencer and start leading right away, even without a team to lead.

What is it costing you to not move into your place in the leadership club? Your future? Your financial security, your sanity, — Your soul? If you are selling your soul to be someone you are not, that is no way to live – you can’t sustain it.

Come, work with me and Boss like a girl – Your mother would be proud of you!

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