Career Acceleration Bootcamp

Rewriting the stories you tell yourself about what you can do and who you are

This intensive bootcamp is an 7-step system for learning and implementing successful career-accelerating secrets and designing a sustainable career lift within the next 90 days. It is designed for professionals who have been working 5 – 10 years and who are frustrated with their career stagnation and looking to start getting noticed and moving forward.

In the Acceleration Bootcamp program you will:

  • Discover the #1 obstacle that is stopping you from moving forward in your career
  • Uncover the REAL truth about what you really want in your career – rewrite your future in your own handwriting
  • Get to the bottom of how your reputation might be sabotaging your success
  • Overhaul your Resume and Linked in Content
  • Acquire the exclusive tricks to become an INFLUENCER
  • Become Memorable and Visible
  • Rapidly Accelerate your progress by dropping your baggage!
  • Identify old stories, voices, limiting belief, resistance, and blocks – recognize them, and STOP THEM!
  • Uncover your hidden Tribe – Success (and failure) leaves Clues
  • Upgrade your Future Now – Step up Confidently and seize the prize!
  • Understand where are you stepping back?  What default choices have been made for you?
  • Continue the success by putting it on auto pilot
  • Get access to Special offer only available to Bootcamp participants

So, what is it costing you if you DO NOT do this!

If you don’t need my help, why have you not achieved this yet? If you don’t get help now, how do you plan to achieve this goal? If you have been languishing in your position, waiting for someone to notice your awesomeness, or waiting until you are 100% qualified to make the leap,  it could be costing you thousands and thousands of dollars a year!

Did you know that women on average feel they need to wait until they are 90 – 100% ready and qualified for the next level up before they consider asking for it, or even throwing their hat in the ring? Yet men believe they only need to be about 60% ready before they jump at the opportunity.

Now do you see why you may feel that it will never be your turn? This fact alone is enough of a WHY for you to work with me. Staying put, staying quietly in line waiting patiently is costing you money, opportunities, visibility, recognition, and the respect you so richly deserve.

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