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Vicki is an international leadership, empowerment and confidence coach, motivational speaker and author.  Vicki is not only an Atlanta Life Coach, but an International coaching practice as well, serving clients all over the US and around the world.  Vicki offers dynamic coaching programs, packages, tools, and methods that provide the powerful support to professional Women trying to Step Up their Careers. She has studied and trained with the best coaches and mentors in the field, and is best known for her authentic nature, her insightful perspectives and ability to cut to the heart of the matter.  Her clients praise her insight, empathy, open and sharing nature,  and her ability to shine a laser on to the issues and dysfunctions that keep them from moving forward.

With over 20 years of driving change, mentoring, coaching and lifting up women into Leadership opportunities  in the Corporate world, Vicki is also a Personal Development and Team building Master Trainer, Certified Professional Coach, and mentor.

Her passion to share her gifts and uplift women drives her naturally into the speaking arena.  Vicki is comfortable with small and intimate groups, as well as large auditorium groups.  Her ability to engage an audience is powerful and she is authentically passionate about her topics.  The audience is always motivated, excited, empowered and engaged at Vicki’s sessions.

Vicki enjoys working with corporations and organizations as well, motivating and inspiring their workforce to engage, and grow.

These are some of the topics Vicki is prepared to share with your audience:

  • 12 Powerful actions you can take right now to step up your career

  • 5 Coaching Skills Every Leader Must Master

  • Women Leaders – Lose the “Rep” and Build the Power of You!

These are some things attendees have said about Vicki’s sessions:

I like that the content was driven by a personal experience.  It wasn’t “theory” it was real life.

The trainer was very enthusiastic and it was easy to tell that she truly believed in the message that she was delivering.



Good tips, actually learned things I can try to apply and take action on. Made me think about what I am looking to get out of my career and if I am doing everything I can to step up my career.

The outline to help me overcome some of my weaknesses.  Advice that can be practiced.

Content was relevant; was nice that Victoria started off with real life experience, which helped create a connection.

After working for the company for lots of years, I’m out of the loop on interviewing and resumes.  This really brought me up to speed which could be very helpful if I decided to move to another position.

Great topic that brought forward fresh ideas.

I think that the content was I enjoyed most.

The personal anecdotes.

I enjoyed it very much. Great pointers were provided which made a lot of sense and were easy to follow.

It was relevant, and can be put into use straight away. The trainer talked about her personal experience, which was good as I believe it made the session more powerful

The Presenter:  her vibrant “energy” is what I enjoyed most.

Great presenter and very true information that  anyone can  take advantage of

The personal touch.  The personal stories that made the whole training not feel like a training but an impactful outreach to myself individually.

putting personal experience into the class

The simplicity in delivery

I enjoyed the topics discussed and the actions provided.

Vicki’s personal conviction and passion.

Encouraging. We don’t have to go get a degree or a certification to advance career. There are little things we can do now that will have an impact.

Learning about something that it will help my career

The content provided a different way of viewing things and approaching work life.

Very informational about how to exceed in my career.  Loved the point she made that The choice you make is who you become.

Quality of Content, Vicki is an authentic speaker

Lively topic, presented by a passionate trainer. Moved quickly.

I can quickly apply what I learned

This was very relevant and timely, since I feel that my department may be downsizing soon and I need to look for other opportunities.

I enjoyed the positivity and hope that Vicki exuded, it’s contagious.

it is a topic I can use

Very engaging presentation. I loved the presenter’s passion for the topic. You could sense that she really cared about helping the career of others.

The 12 tips and easy organization

Various Headshots of Vicki Edge

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