You can achieve what you put your mind to

We all have those little voices in our heads that tell us we can’t: You’re not smart enough You don’t have a degree No one will trust you to lead You don’t have any experience, why should we listen to you? Recognize any?  Trust me when I say, to be a good leader, you don’t […]

Learn to Boss Like a Girl

I was recently asked, “What is the difference in being seen a strong woman leader and being seen as a Bitch?”  It was a heartfelt question.  And sadly, a common quandary.  Too often, as women, we feel when we are being firm, confident, authoritative, or bold, we are being perceived as that “b” word, yet […]

Change Your Thoughts and Change the World

What we think we become ~ Buddha Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. ~ Carl Jung If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. ~ William Arthur Ward Inspiring […]

Lead so that others succeed more than they thought they could

As a leader, it feels pretty amazing to achieve a goal or succeed at a task.  But, it is inspiring, empowering, soul-satisfying, and gratifying to help others find their path, and figure out what their own road to success looks like.  You may want to tell them, do it for them, or even prevent them […]

Serious About Making Change in 2017?

Hey everyone!  If you are serious about a huge life, health, or energy shift in 2017, if you are looking to make big changes, eradicate old habits, or finally get serious about what you really want,  I urge you read on for an opportunity you won’t find anywhere else!   The only way you will get access is if […]

Unlocking your Natural Success Channel #4

Understanding your Natural Success Channel Once you have identified what has come into your life experience through your success channel, and how it got there, you will be better able to recognize when you have a free flowing channel and when you have a channel filled with unpleasant, negative or unwanted things.  Let me remind you and build […]

Unlocking Your Natural Success Channel #3

Self-Image: re-painting your subconscious reaction to YOU The next key to tapping into this Success Channel is your self-image.  Your limiting beliefs about your entire life are locked away in your subconscious, collected and tied up in a little box called your self-image. Your self-image influences your confidence, self-esteem, even your ability to get up in […]